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Smart Move Conveyancing (Auckland)

Buying, selling or refinancing in Auckland? Call Smart Move Conveyancing for affordable, hassle-free, fixed price conveyancing. Our service is mobile - we come to you!

Smart Move Conveyancing is the residential conveyancing section of Henderson Reeves. With Smart Move Conveyancing, you’ll enjoy competitive fixed prices for purchasing, selling and refinancing property throughout Auckland.  We can offer a mobile service which means you don’t have to travel to meet with us – we’ll come to you or you can meet us in our Kingsland office.

If you’re looking for affordable, fixed price conveyancing and a hassle-free service for the sale, purchase or refinancing of property, Smart Move Conveyancing is for you. Smart Move provides fixed prices for the sale, purchase, mortgaging or refinancing of residential property where the agreement is signed, with clear workable conditions, has a current title and no additional complications.

For more complex property transactions, you’ll be referred to the experienced property lawyers at Henderson Reeves, who will ensure your needs are met. (More complex transactions are carried out on a different pricing structure to the one below.)

Why pay more when you could buy, sell or refinance your property for a low, fixed fee? With Smart Move Conveyancing, you’ll know exactly how much to budget, so you’ll know where you stand at all times.

Contact us today to enquire about Smart Move Conveyancing.

Smart Move Conveyancing Prices (inclusive of GST and registration charges) from 1 May 2019

without mortgage $1,200
with one mortgage $1,450
without mortgage discharge $1,000
with mortgage discharge $1,250
one discharge and one new mortgage $950
Extra Fees
Kiwi Saver applications $100
Homestart Grant application $100
Client overseas $150
Guarantees $250
Unit title (sale/purchase) $250
Travel charge $150