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To lawfully end employment, there needs to be a good reason and the dismissal needs to be carried out via a fair process.

Redundancy is a good reason for ending employment.  Redundancy is the situation where the position is superfluous to the needs of the employer.  It is concerned with a position as opposed to a person – the position must not be needed any more.  In order for the process to be fair, there needs to be genuine consultation.  The requirements are fairly prescriptive and missing a requirement could mean that the dismissal is unjustified.

Talk to us if you are an employer thinking of making one or more employees redundant.  We can help ensure that the correct process is followed.  Getting it wrong can be costly.

If you are an employee who has recently been made redundant and you feel that what took place was unfair, talk to us as well.  It may be that you can raise a personal grievance for unjustified dismissal and be entitled to legal remedies for that.