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Debt Recovery and Insolvency

When debt recovery or insolvency becomes an issue for your business, our commercial law team can help. We act on behalf of both creditors and debtors, and can help you decide on the best course of action for your business.

If your company is owed money, we can help you take debt recovery action, including court proceedings, freezing orders, statutory demands, applications for bankruptcy and company liquidation, obtaining attachment orders over wages, and taking contempt proceedings where court orders are breached.

We also have experience acting on behalf those who owe money. If you are subject to debt recovery action, we can defend proceedings made against you or your company so as to eliminate or minimise the debt claimed. We also frequently negotiate with creditors to achieve the same result and terms of payment that are acceptable. We are familiar with the alternatives to bankruptcy and company liquidation such as the low asset procedure, summary instalment orders, and voluntary administration.

If you are in business, you can take steps to reduce your exposure to bad debt by having your business and terms of trade structured appropriately. Contact us today to find out how your business could benefit from having effective terms of trade drafted by our experienced commercial lawyers.